Mattress Cleaning in Fulham

It has been estimated that an average person spends ¼ of the lifetime sleeping. It is vital to provide the best condition for full value night rest. And one of the most important items is the mattress people sleep on. Keeping it clean, fresh and protected results in fresh face and body in the morning.

FAQ About Mattress Cleaning

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Q: Why and how often to clean the mattress?

A: The human body produces a lot of heat while sleeping, further accumulated by blankets and sheets. That provides the perfect place for bed mites and bed bugs, which on the other hand can cause allergies and numerous health issues. People change clothes every day, washing them and keeping them clean to wear again. The Same procedure should be applied to the mattress – steaming it every month at least to remove bacteria, odours and stains.

Q: How fast is the cleaning process?

A: Mattress steam cleaning is relatively short process – takes from 20 min for single mattresses to about 45min for king size ones. It is extremely important to let it air dry and not cover it while being still damp.

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Q: Will simple hoover do the job?

A: Definitely not. Hovering takes only the dust particles, whilst leaving all bacteria and mites inside. Steam or hot water extraction is the only method powerful enough to deal with the problem. And people already know the good health starts with a clean way of life.

Q: How reliable are protective covers?

A: The covers should be used only on brand new or freshly cleaned mattresses. They can delay the process of cleaning, but not eliminate is altogether.

Curtain Cleaning in Fulham

Curtain cleaning services

Curtains are definitely one of those accessories people love to have in their homes. Their elegant design and colours make them a preferable asset to any property. However, keeping the curtains in a good condition could be a really demanding job especially without professional equipment. As we know they could absorb smells from cooking, cigarettes or, the worst scenario, their colours could fade.

As professionals who specialise in cleaning curtains, we know how frustrating it could be to see your favourite pair of curtains losing their contrast and accumulate dirt. In such cases, we offer the most powerful cleaning – Steam Cleaning. The pure hot pressure water and the strong but Eco-friendly detergents will completely remove the bad smell and the dirt from the curtains. Our professional equipment will allow us to clean them easily while they are hanging.

Curtains Cleaned With Care

Natural fabrics have been used for centuries by people for making a different kind of accessories or clothing. Nowadays more and more people choose curtains made of high-quality materials such as silk, linen, suede etc. But just like every other fabric even they could accumulate dirt. If that's the case with your curtains, you don't have to worry. We offer a Dry Cleaning method, specially designed for delicate fabrics. This gentle process includes an application of a detergent which will completely remove the germs and refresh the natural fibres.

If you are unsure about the origin of the material your curtains are made of our professional technicians are fully trained to recognise any kind of fabrics. For any enquiry of yours, we would be happy to assist. Please feel free to contact us on 020 3670 9910 any day during the week including weekends.