7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Carpet Professionally Every Year

7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Carpet Professionally Every YearMany homeowners still doubt the advantages of professional carpet cleaning. However, in this article, we will prove them wrong by providing a list of 7 reasons why you should occasionally rely on experts to do this job for you. Vacuuming regularly is far from sufficient to ensure a hygienic carpet as it is only a superficial cleaning which can`t remove the dirt collected deep down the carpet fibres. All too often your carpet looks clean but spills, food debris, pollens and dust mites are hiding in its fibres. Did you know that an average home may collect about 4 kg of dust each year? As you know, carpets attract dust and dirt the most that is why you should not neglect their condition. Check out the reasons you should totally take advantage of professional carpet cleaning company once a year:

  • First of all, it improves and protects the indoor air quality. As we already mentioned carpets attract a lot of dust – they trap airborne pollutants and decrease the air quality of your home. This is especially important for people who suffer respiratory problems.
  • If you rely on carpet cleaning services you will prolong the life of your rugs and carpets. One of the best methods is using steam cleaning (if the fabric of your carpet is compatible with this alternative). This extraction method will efficiently remove the embedded dirt and protect your floor covering investment.
  • Of course, needless to say, professionals are capable of removing stubborn stains without any risks of damaging the carpet fibres. This is especially important as if your carpeting has spots and stains they attract more soiling so this will again protect your furnishing from untimely wear and tear.
  • When given the right conditions, allergens and bacteria can thrive and reproduce really quickly. This can eventually lead to the development of some serious health issues not to mention it can even trigger asthma. If you book annual professional carpet cleaning, the dust mites and other microbes found in the fibres will be drastically decreased.
  • Along with the other benefits that this procedure brings, it will make your carpet easier to maintain on a daily basis. You will be able to easily keep the good looks by performing regular vacuuming and blotting up spills so they don`t turn into stubborn stains at some later point.
  • A clean and well-maintained carpet always enhances the appearance of any room. The overall level of hygiene in your property will be improved and your interior will look better.
  • Last but not least, you will maintain the carpet warranty by providing it with professional carpet cleaning. Typically warranties require you to book such service every 12 to 18 months so the warranty is valid.

So, do you need more reasons to choose a reliable company to do the job for you? Freshen up your carpet and extend its life by choosing Fulham carpet cleaners – you won`t regret it!



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